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First and foremost, look at the company's figure and management system before buying the machine, which can be generally judged from the company name, for example name includes Wenzhou, Ruian or Zhejiang means registered capital different  (Ruian  administrated by Wenzhou, Wenzhou administrated by Zhejiang ), company name starting from Zhejiang means registered capital of 5-10million RMB, starting from Wenzhou means registered capital of 1 -2 million RMB, starting from  Ruian means registered capital of  300-500 thousand RMB,furthermore,  some  name ends with factory, such as Ruian XXX machinery Factory,  which means registered capital merely 5 to 300 thousand RMB. Almost those manufacturers or companies start from Ryan or end with the factory are unreliable, however some of them may have technology and potential, depends on how lucky customer get.  

The truth in manufacturing is, machine in good quality normally the price is fairly high. When all aspects of steel and electrical appliances are poor, machine quality certainly can not be good. Our slogan is: no discount on price, no discount on service and quality

Some companies are not the same, they promise can reduce two thousand, that reduce five thousand, however they will use inferior steel and electrical appliances to make production , under this circumcises machine quality obviously can not be maintained on normal level.The discrepancy, inferior quality and poor after sale service will lead customer to a heavy loss. Therefor, need think it over and over again when deal in machine or equipment, cant only focus on price.  

Only a mutual benefit, good quality and after sale can lead us to long term business and success. We wish customer makes money and expand in business, so our cooperation can continue year by year. Well operation to our equipment to build a well know brand in local market, it is the best advertising for us.


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