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Service commitment


Free warranty period of service commitment:
Electrical: warranty for 1 year, life-long maintenance
Switch: warranty for 1 year, lifetime maintenance
Whole machine frame: warranty for 1 year, life-long maintenance
Response time commitment: (During warranty period to have door to door service when cant solve through phone conversation)
City in local: 5 hours  
Suburb: 12 hours  
Cross the city: 48 hours  
Other provinces: 60 hours  

Overseas: respond by agent, or dispatch technician at request.

When signing the contract, there will be a detailed warranty period agreement in the contract according to different products, The agreement in the contract shall be as the criterion. 

All our inspiration comes from the users, our every innovation in the field of mechanical equipment manufacturing and sales is inseparable from the valuable suggestions and opinions of users. users are the beacon of our design and manufacture, new impetus ,  best teachers. Respect, care about our users is the obligation, we will hundred times faithfully serve the users!

Zhejiang Zhuxin Machinery Co., Ltd. after-sales service aim at the user first. Our after-sales service comes throughout the design,  manufacture, delivery, acceptance check, installation, commissioning, and after maintenance service of the whole process!

Machine Manufacturing Service Commitment
After the contract is signed,shall be accepted according to the machine configuration & parameters provided by customer under the standard of the manufacturer.

1. If the customer selects standard mechanical equipment, we will directly arrange the production and regularly inform the customer of the production schedule.
2. If the product parameters selected by the customer are non-standard products, we will redesign, manufacture and test the parameters until completion.During the whole manufacturing process, customers can send technicians to our factory to supervise, check, inspect the whole manufacturing process of the contracted product, to ensure the product delivery time and product quality.

3. If customer proposes to change or add components to the machinery during the production process, we promise to actively cooperate.

Delivery, service commitments of acceptance check
1. Inform the customer 2 days before delivery, suggest the customer to arrange personnel for goods acceptance check, lift equipment to store in a warehouse with best possible conditions.

2. will contact to equip the needs when product already to certain scene.
3. When unloading, the stacking site must be selected. If stacked in the open air, the goods should be taken as rain-proof, moisture-proof and anti-theft measures.

4. During acceptance check, please carefully check the quantity of goods and ensure that the product model and quantity are consistent with the quantity of goods signed in the contract. If there is any shortage, take effective measures in time. Acceptance check Personnel shall confirm Integrity of packing list data as well as the visual appearance quality of the goods.

Installation and commissioning service commitment

1. Within 24 hours of receiving the customer installation notification, we will arrange the technical personnel.

2. Technical personnel shall formulate the equipment installation sequence and installation precautions according to the site conditions.

3.When the technical personnel arrive at the site, he will determine the commissioning scheme according to the site conditions, and guide the customer to do the preparation work before commissioning; if the parameters are different from the specification, We promise to find out the causation asap.

Service commitment during the warranty period

1. Service specification: We promise that the service personnel to be polite,with kind attitude, see more, think more, less talk and more work, if have one of the following circumstances can complain to the team:
2. In suits, bad attitude;
3. Speak objective reasons, talk about conditions, absolve from responsibility;

4.The non-standard service, rude attitude, and even dispute with customers can complain; complaint telephone: 13706889719 Once confirmed that the above service is not on standard ,after-sales personnel will be seriously punished.



Commitment of quality processing

After-sales personnel to the site to timely judge the quality issues, quickly give a solution to solve the problem, can immediately response to deal with it, in case can not timely solve, will take every means to ensure the operation of the equipment.If we need to replace the spare parts or equipment, we promise to replace them unconditionally, and all the spare parts within warranty are free of charge


Service commitment after the warranty period

1.Free training: the operators can participate in the repair and maintenance training in the factory.
2. Regular return visit: We will provide users with lifelong whole-process tracking service.
3. Supply of vulnerable parts: after the warranty period, the parts charge only raw cost, and the parts are provided at the best price for a long time



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