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Notice of buying paper bag making machines

First, what paper bag does this machine use for, Square or V bottom?

Second, What type machine in need, fully automatic, semi automatic or mechanical?

Third, what length and width of the paper bag require for this machine? Different model makes the different bag in size.


Notice of buying printing machines

First: what material to print, plastic film, paper, non woven and etc.

Second: the maximum and minimum dimensions of the printing material, include thickness.

Third: the using purpose of its products, does it apply to packaging, bag or sheet? Model required is different according to the different using purpose.

Fourth:  Whether the product requires in high standard,evenness,printing or with complex film and etc? What configuration in demand


Printing machines include rotogravure and flexographic.

Rotogravure machine: The advantage is in good effect, expert of print. High-end rotogravure printing machine can adopt computer automatically set color, fast printing speed , easy to operate and start. The disadvantage is high electricity consumption, long unit to combine,strong ink smell, and high plate making cost comparing to  flexographic machine.

Flexographic machine: The advantages are environmental protection on printing ink, low plate making cost, low electricity and printing ink cost, it can be printed a variety of materials, such as film, paper, non-woven cloth, woven bags and other coil printing. printing materials Different may require different configurations.(At present the development trend for printing is flexographic) . The disadvantage is that the printing film effect is not as bright as the Rotogravure, improper operation may lead to hairy edge.



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